20's Plenty for Bradford-on-Avon


Welcome to 20's Plenty for Bradford-on-Avon - We support the introduction of a default 20mph speedlimit townwide.


Why? 95% reduction in risk to walkers and cyclists. Also, more walking and cycling, less pollution, less noise, less fear and a better quality of life. Read more about why 20mph limits are effective...


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We have received unanimous support from the Bradford-on-avon Town Council who have set up a Working Group to progress the initiative.  Rod King MBE, of 20s Plenty has produced a full critique of Wiltshire's draft policy on 20mph.


Current progress report as at July 2014:

In December we attented the Wiltshire Council Environment Select Committee who were scrutinising the draft 20mph policy.  Although unfortunately the policy was passed, we gained a partial victory in that it was decided to set up a Task Group to review and develop the policy as it was enacted.  We are grateful to Ann Henshaw, Alex Machin, Gill Ansark and Ashely Halls who all spoke impressively on behalf of 20s Plenty leading to this better than expected result.  We expect to hear the results of this scrutiny process this summer.  The working party then make their recommendations to the Environment Select Committee on September 2nd.  It would be great if as many people as possible could this meeting at County Hall.






We have been investigating whether reducing speed reduces emissions.  See the facts page for our findings.


Want to help?  We need people to take petitions down their street / round their workplace or school.

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Why 20mph? a 4 min video

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